Our Mission

At Lofdal Christian School it is our mission to:

  • Guide each student to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ with Godly Character.

  • Train up the Christian Leaders of tomorrow through a Biblical based education curriculum.

  • Impart life skills that are based on Christian values and morals.

  • Operate in the spirit of excellence.

  • Equip students to live their God-given purpose.

Professional Teachers
Our professional qualified teachers make sure that students receive quality education.
Learn Online
Through SwitchedOn Education we provide students with a web-based learning platform. This Christian curriculum can be accessed through any internet connection and browser, making sure students have access to their learning content any place, any time.
Cambridge Exit Strategy
Lofdal is proud to be a Cambridge International School, associated through British Council Partner Schools Global Network. Therefore we offer our students the change to exit on a Cambridge International Examinations AS-level qualification (equivalent to Grade 12).
We Achieve Academic Excellence through an Integrated Learning Management system
Sport helps to achieve a well-balanced life in young adults and children, and are performed at regional and national levels.
Freedom of expression is achieved through cultural activities that are implemented as a continuous program

50 000

Multimedia Elements




Alumni Testimonials 

Learn about how our alumni's experiences at Lofdal have impacted their lives and careers.

Our core Subject areas

Unlike traditional textbook teaching, SwitchedOn Education has a diverse, vibrant mix of interactive lessons, assignments, projects and asessments. Fun-filled content captivates learners and engages learning and the development of 21st century higher order thinking skills. These are all integrated in all of the core subjects and electives.
An exciting Bible-based science course creates an environment that explains God's relationship with the physical universe and an understanding of the world around us. Subject matter from Biology, Chemistry, Life Science, Space, Physical Science, and Nature is covered.
Biblical Studies
Biblical studies focus on the development of a Christian worldview through the use of fundamental truths from the Bible and applying these principles in life. The course aims to unify a student’s education, preparing them for life beyond high school in the home, church, college, and society.
The motivating math curriculum prepares learners for using math successfully in real-life situations. It takes learners from the basics of simple arithmetic to complex problem solving as they build their knowledge and skills. 
Language Arts and English courses promote literacy in all areas of communication including reading, writing, listening, and speaking through the use of interactive lessons infused with God's Word. The subject emphasises essential skills such as vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, penmanship, composition and grammer. Upper-grade learners also learn literature studies and the Bible as literature, the development of research and reporting skills, and visual media.
social Science
Social sciences help learners travel God's world and examine the continents through History and Geography. They will discover the history of the world and explore how the world has changed and developed. In geography, students learn the major countries and the tools and technologies of geography to study the world.
With a list of 214 online courses and growing, learners have a wide range of courses available which includes career and Technical Education. We believe that using a variety of curricula allows us to utilise the most suitable approach to enhance the learning experience of the children at each stage of their education.  

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Our Heads of Departments

"A team is a small number of people with complimentary skills committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach for which thy hold themselves mutually accountable." - Katzenbers and Smith -
Hendrik Malan

Hendrik Malan

School Manager and Principal
Peter Kellerman

Peter Kellerman

School Administrator
Jenny de Swardt

Jenny de Swardt

Head of High School
Adrie Smith

Adrie Smith

Head of Primary School

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