Athletics happens in the first and third term of every year with both Primary and High School. We participate at a local, provincial and national level. Coaching is done at school by the sports coaching staff. We have had various athletes that received provincial colours and ranked under the top school athletes in our country.


Achery is truely a sport for all seasons. We have our own range where students practice under the careful eye of our archery coach. We participate in local, provincial and national tournaments. We are in partnership with NASP and Center Shot and as a team has won the Africa Tournament in the past. Archery caters for less athletic students and we have seen these students becoming great sport ambassadors for our school and province.


Swimming is our only aquatic sport done at school. It takes place in the first term and we participate in various Schools galas. Students can qualify to take part in the annual Christian Schools Nationals. We also run a Swim-Safe programme for our lower grades.


Cricket is done through out the year and we particiapte in various leagues and tournaments. This is possible because of our academy that is run here at school. We equip players in basic batting, bowling and fielding skills. A number of our players in both the Primary and High School has represented North West.


We do both boys and girls soccer for both 11-a-side and 6-a-side tournaments. We start from the age group 7 up to 18. We play in both local leagues and in Christian Schools league. We always compete well with other schools because of our "Never Give-up" attitude. We focus on skills development and fitness to ensure our players are prepared.


Both boys and girls enjoy this very engaging sport. It is limited to the first term but is very popular because of its team spirit elements. Volleyball starts from age group 11 up to 18. We play in various Christian School's tournaments and has had some great results.


One of the most popular sport for girls at our school. We start at age 7 with our butterfly league with some basic skills. Yearly netball camps ensure that the girls are ready for the local and Christian School's league. Our teams are known for their speed and skills levels.


Chess is enjoyed by various students in our school. Development starts in the younger grades to ensure we have a strong team. Chess season is mostly in the third and fourth terms, but practise happens throughout the year.

Cross Country

Cross country is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain such as dirt or grass. Cross Country is not for the faint of heart. Learners train very hard during the year, in order to take on the cross country challenge.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis has become a very competitive sport amongst our learners. Our team train during school time to compete at a very high standard. The game is popular amongst Christian Schools and it is a very highly organized as a competitive sport


Lofdal is affiliated with the Southern African Christian School's Sports Association (SACSSA), an independent Sports Body, who functions totally independent of any schools and includes as far as possible all Christian Schools in Southern Africa, who subscribe to the SACSSA Constitution and Sports Policy.

Through SACSSA, learners are able to participate in the above-mentioned sport against aproximately 130 schools, and are able to obtain SACSSA colours.