Who We Are?

Why Choose Us ?

At Lofdal Christian School we believe in the power of His Word to shape our staff and students lives. In the Word we find the manual to plot a successful path for our students so that they can move into the plan that God has for them.

As a school we are part of Spirit Word House which ensures that the proper spiritual guidance takes place.

Education is not only about academic excellence, but also about teaching students proper morals and values, how to cope with social pressure and how to prepare them to live a God-fearing life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to spiritually equip and develop the learner through Biblical based curriculum, sport participation, cultural activities and to give the children a Godly character.
School Aims
  •  Guide each learner to be a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Train up Christian Leaders of tomorrow through Biblical based educational curriculum.
  • Impart life skills that ate based on Christian Values and morals.
  • Operate in the spirit of excellence.
  • Equip learners to live their God-given purpose.
  • Produce learners with a Godly Character.
  • To proclaim Jesus Christ to all people through our words and deeds.
Our Values
  • Love
  • Obedience
  • Friendliness
  • Determination
  • Accountability
  • Loyalty


The School was founded in 1986 by Prophet Kobus van Rensburg with 20 students on the current site of the Old Drive-In Site just outside Stilfontein, North West Province.  The School was inspired by the need for Christian Education and to train-up a generation of Christian leaders in the local community of the KOSH (Klerksdorp, Orkney, Stilfontein, and Hartebeesfontein) area.

Apart from the previous government that wanted to close the school when it opened, the school grew steadily and before not too long in 1988 a need for a multi-raced school arouse.  At that stage it was not legal and was decided to have two separate school campuses.  When segregation was dissolved in the early 90’s the school moved to combine and became one of the few multi-racial schools in the North West Province. 

Since that historical time the school grew into one of the model independent schools in the area with a strong historical of non-racism and academic excellence.  The school is also still living out the original vision of training young people to become the leaders of tomorrow with a Christ-like character, and strong moral values.

At the school each staff member is committed to academic excellence and has the opportunity not just to impart education to the learner, but also life skills through a biblical perspective.  The school also wants to see students leaving the school after graduation which is well rounded in all areas of education.  This is reached by a well balanced curriculum consisting out of academics, culture and sport.

 The school also wants to create opportunities for the students to reach their full potential which is not based on any form of discrimination or economical income- class.  This can only be made possible by the constant support received by Spirit Word House.


Lofdal Christian School consists of a Crèche, a School from gr R-12, a Hostel and a Home School


Lofdal makes use of a multi-Curriculum Concept to make sure learners in each phase of their life is presented with the best curriculum available.


Our Bible-based curriculum means tha Biblical aspects is built into the curriculum, and does not contradict with that which is written in the Bible.

Mastery Learning

Every learner should start a subject on his/her current level of knowledge and not where someone thinks the student are. This is accomplished through learner placement tests. 



More than 50,000 multimedia elements including audio and video files, challenging games, interactive exercises, a historical timeline, and integrated video clips reinforce concepts and offer in depth explanation of key points.


Through all stages of their education students are given the skills to develop independence allowing them to take responsibility for their learning.

The majority of learners work is automatically graded. Learners receive instant feedback, and data is stored for later reporting with this practical, time-saving feature.
The curriculum used at Lofdal is a blend of curricula.  We believe that using a variety of curricula allows us to present the most suitable approach to enhance the learning experience of the learners at each phase of their education. The learners will therefore move from the early years, having learnt to read using a phonics-based curriculum, to the primary section where they will be working towards confidently mastering the online computer curriculum.

At grade 4 learners are fully prepared to move onto the online computer curriculum where learning takes them on a very exciting adventure using the latest technology from a world-leading education provider. Through all stages of their education learners are given the skills to develop independence allowing them to take responsibility for their learning.